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Ladies Only Martial Arts

Ladies only martial arts – Taught under the guidance of a female instructor, these sessions provide tuition to ladies that feel more at ease training with the same sex. These sessions offer self defence in various situations where females could feel vulnerable. Fun, fitness, flexibility, confidence building, striking pads and understanding the ability to escape difficult situations are part of the course each week within these lessons.








I joined a year and a half ago mainly to get fit and learn self defence, I am also a mum of a tiny turtle but since starting only then I realised I actually liked doing the karate side of things myself, not ever doing it as a child. So that's when I thought it would be good to achieve something and work towards getting my belts and Michelle has really helped us to do that and given us so much support and encouragement. I have only done one grading which as an adult was quite scary but Michelle and a few others were great, being there to support us and sensei Paul was grading us which I was again very scared and nervous but as soon as he started to talk I felt comfortable and a lot more relaxed.

The ladies class is great and love the fact I get to do a bit of all types of martial arts as I really enjoy that too. Michelle is great at fitting in a bit of what everyone enjoys and I have met some lovely friends along the way and look forward to each week and working towards more belts knowing that Michelle will be there supporting us the whole way too. Francesca
I have been doing women self-defence with OSTMA for nearly two years and loved every minute of it. I am pretty sure that the training has helped me physically, fitness wise and by making me feel stronger and more aware of my surroundings.

You feel stronger by learning to protect yourself which increases your confidence, self-defence training also helps you read dangerous situations before it can become dangerous and be ready to defend yourself. After doing self-defence I decided I wanted to work towards achieving a goal so decided to trained with Sensei Michelle as well to get my Karate grades and belts. The Karate side of training has helped me with my focus and concentration and showed me that it is never too late to start achieving a long term ambition which was to study Martial Arts. Now I trained weekly with OSTMA, which includes; MMA Pads, Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Traditional Karate, basic self-defence techniques and a quarter of the class is based around cardio and fitness exercise as well. I have never felt fitter and more focussed than I do now and would recommend anyone who might be thinking about it to just simply give it a go. Placi
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