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Tiny Turtles

Tiny Turtles - Tiny Turtles is an on going parent and toddler session for children age 2 and 3 year olds. Content within this class primarily prepares children with the skills not just to progress in to our martial programmes but for all sports and activities. Each lesson is filled with parachute games, team, ball, music, movement, balance, cooperation and coordination skills where stickers, medals and badges are frequently rewarded.

Child Safety Programmes (incorporated in all children’s martial arts programmes OSTMA offer) – Teach your child to spot and avoid danger

Stranger awareness: While we wish it were not even a factor, we do live in a world full of undesirable people and dangers! At OSTMA we will teach your child to spot and avoid these dangers.  Our unique stranger awareness programme is incorporated within our syllabus. At the very early stages of each child's learning with us they will be educated on what to do in the circumstance of being approached. They will also understand safer strangers and safe zones.

Bully Proof - Also incorporated within our syllabus, children at an early age will be educated on how to bully proof themselves. Backed by schools our system teaches children the key steps to dealing with this terrible problem.
These invaluable skills will not only increase confidence themselves but may even save their lives and the best bit of all is that your child will have FUN while they learn these important skills.



Tiny Turtles has helped my son Jacob develop into being a much more confident, out going little boy. He has learnt invaluable skills of balance, coordination, patience, team work and supporting others. I'm so glad we found the class and am excited to see my son continue to grow and move through the various stages of the OSTMA family.

Sensei Michelle and team are fab and so supportive and encouraging of all children who take part.Kelly
Tiny Turtles has proven to be one of the best decisions I made for my son Isaac. I've had the privilege of watching him grow in confidence and skills whilst having lots of fun.

We started this group together over a year ago and I would look forward to the time we would spend together developing new skills, singing songs and playing games all with the support, guidance and encouragement of Michelle. A year on and now my son no longer needs my hand to hold or steady him, he's involved in the group, trying new skills, laughing with friends and having fun; it truly is a wonderful progression to have witnessed.

Michelle is a superb teacher and has a fantastic team of support staff whose enthusiasm and love for what they do is clear to see.

We are proud to be Tiny TurtlesRoshelle
My son Freddie was 3 when I heard about Tiny Turtles. He was very much into high engery, physical play. I spoke to Michelle who explained what they did. It sounded perfect for him and we attended for a free trial. My son absolutely loved it from day one and were made very welcome.

He loved putting on his Tiny Turtles t-Shirt on and got excited about going to the sessions. He loved all the games, which Michelle changed every week using things like bean bags, parachutes, balls and even space hoppers! It's great for interaction with other children to get them used to being part of a group/team.

The games are designed for the children to have fun and work on their physical development such as co-ordination and balance. Michelle's approach is kind and encouraging and reinforces this with certificates, stickers at the end of the session. There is also a "turtle of the week" medal winner which the winner gets to take home for the week and given an iron on star for the back of their t-shirt. The medal definatley promotes sharing with the children in the session. My son loved getting the medal and never wanted to take it off !

When my son turned 4 he stopped Tiny Turtles and started Lil' Dragons which is all part of the OSTMA organisation. He absolutely loves that too! I think Lil' dragons is fantastic and I can't recommend it highly enough! Laura
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